Labour Funds New Open Space in Willesden

Labour Councillor Lesley Jones has been campaigning for years to improve the neglected Learie Constantine open space in Villiers Road Willesden and she is delighted that the Labour government has come to the rescue with over £1 million to from its ‘Playbuilder scheme’ to refurbish the Learie Constantine Open space and many others throughout the borough. As a result, a public park will be created with children’s play equipment, seating and the installation of secure boundaries to ensure that neighbours’ privacy is protected.

Councillor Jones said:

“I’ve been nagging the council for years about this open space – it is vandalised and near derelict – so I’m delighted that the Labour government has stumped up the money to create an open space which will add to the amenity of the area and provide much needed play opportunities for children aged 9 to 13”.

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  1. Tories and their councils alayws talk big when it comes to tax cuts but fail to mention the fall out their policies have.Tory councils in London may boast relatively low rates of council tax but they also slash vital public services. I’d wager Luke would feel far more comfortable looking one of his constituents in the eye and saying that his council delivers a good level of public service compared to a Tory counterpart.

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