Cllr Hirani submits Disabled Facilities Grant policy proposal to Brent Council

I’ve submitted a policy proposal to the Housing department at Brent Council to investigate, in terms of feasibility, a change in the way that the Council administrates the Disabled Facilities Grant for people who have their own home, but cannot move back into it due to accessibility issues.

See the proposal here – Brent DFG – Cllr Hirani

A Disabled Facilities Grant is a local council grant. It helps towards the cost of adapting your home to enable you to continue to live there. A grant is paid when the council considers that changes are necessary to meet your needs, and that the work is reasonable and practical.

Source: Direct.Gov

The Disabled Facilities Grant makes a world of difference to people in Brent. An elderly resident on Marley Walk was full of praise for Brent Council after she received a grant last year to install electronic controls to open and close her windows. She lives on her own and her arthritis and limited finger dexterity meant that she was experiencing great difficulty in reaching for and opening and closing her windows. Her new electronic controls through the Disabled Facilities Grant means that these troubles are no more!

Working hard for you all year round

A common criticism cited on the doorstep is “You only come around when you want our votes”.

In fact I still get it now. I remember speaking to a resident on Denzil Road during the Summer who was taken back when I told her “but I was only elected last year and there’s three years to go until the next Council elections!”

Your Councillors and the Dudden Hill Labour Party is working hard for you all year around and in the last year we’ve spent evenings and weekends knocking on doors on Ilex Road, Waterford Way, Burnley Road, Geary Road, Helena Road, Park Avenue North, Avondale Avenue, North Circular Road, Jeymer Avenue, Kenneth Crescent, Denzil Road, Lancaster Road, Aberdeen Road, Chantry Crescent, Chapel Close, Griffin Close, Gay Close, Clifford Way, Sherrick Green Road, Selbie Avenue, Severn Way in addition to attending meetings with the Cairnfield Residents’ Association, Neasden Neighbourhood Watch, Ashcombe Park Neighbourhood Watch, and Dudden Hill Ward Panel meetings.

I am opening up an exclusive offer for Dudden Hill residents to talk with their neighbours on their street. Anyone that wishes to take me up on this offer will be guaranteed a pre-arranged Saturday to spend knocking on doors with you on your road and asking residents if they have any problems or issues that they would like to raise. Email to take up this offer!

Following the riots, we led with the local Police teams to speak to businesses in the Neasden Shopping Centre and Church Road to give them reassurance when they were feeling vulnerable.

Aslam and I provided reassurance to residents on Sonia Gardens after the tragic fire incident on Sonia Gardens and arranged for additional traffic management on behalf of the Crest Academy given the additional interest around the school during this period.

Labour win in Wembley Central by-election! Krupa Sheth becomes Brent’s youngest ever Councillor

Brent Labour has claimed a sensational by-election victory in Wembley Central Ward in which Krupa Sheth has become the London Borough of Brent’s youngest ever Councillor.

The results are as follows:

1st  – Krupa Sheth (Labour) 1402 votes

2nd – Afifa Perez (Lib Dem) 1022 votes

3rd – Madhuri Davda (Conservative) 349 votes

4th – Martin Francis (Green) 130 votes

The Liberal Democrats chose to attack the candidate. On their leaflets, the Liberals labelled Krupa on the forefront of their leaflets as the ‘Brent Labour Council Boss candidate’ (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP!)

Credit where it is due to the Tories and their candidate Madhuri Davda who ran a much cleaner and respectable campaign and did not resort to the same electoral tactics.

People don’t need us to spell out the hypocrisy of the Brent Liberal Democrats, fighting for local services on one hand but supporting the decimation of them in Government with the other. They can see it for themselves.

We ran a positive campaign promoting our candidate at the forefront rather than starting our campaign position of inciting hatred towards others. I’ve known Krupa for over two years now and am personally delighted to have her as a colleague at Brent Council.

Wembley Central By-Election Polling Day:

VOTE KRUPA SHETH (Labour Party) – 4th name on the Ballot Paper.

Polls are open from 7am to 10pm today (Thursday 22nd December 2011)

A Brent girl through and through, Krupa grew up in Wembley and attended the Swaminarayan school. A member of the Borough’s Jain community, Krupa speaks fluent Gujurati and Hindi, and volunteers at Jain temple helping to raise money for various charities across the world.

Krupa is deeply committed to social justice, and is training as a barrister to devote her career to fighting for vulnerable people in society. As well as her involvement in the local community, Krupa has devoted her free time and holidays to volunteering for charities, a local hospice, and the Citizen’s Advice Bureaux.

“Residents are worried about the effect of government cuts on Copland school and on police numbers. Women like me feel that government politicians are just not listening. I will visit every home in Wembley Central. I will ensure there is at least one politician who does.”

Krupa Sheth Labour Party Candidate for Wembley Central


The Grange is a Grade 11 listed building located in Neasden. Brent’s former Grange Museum of Community History (better known as “the museumon the roundabout”) was based here until early 2005. It now houses the offices of ABi Associates Limited,one ofLondon’s leading business support companies, providing enterprise support and training to local businesses. The Grange also provides local organisations with an ideal venue to showcase their projects and programmes.

ABI ( is a reputable business support and training consulting company dedicated to empowering the entrepreneurial success of London’s small businesses and communities. Over the past five years it has helped over 200 individuals to start their own businesses and provided business support to retailers both on Willesden High St and Wembley High Rd.

The Grange has also established a gardening club in partnership with Brent’s Elders Voice. The club brings together local elderly people who have an interest in gardening and meeting other like minded people.

Over the past eighteen months the Grange has hosted international visitors from EU and other countries who are keen to learn more about community and enterprise developments inLondon. These visits has also given local people and business owners an opportunity to make new contacts internationally as well as learn about new ways to address youth unemployment, women entrepreneurship and regeneration of our town centres.

Finally, in January 2012 the Grange is establishing the Grange Business Hub which will provide affordable offices and training rooms space to rent for new and growing businesses in Brent.

For more information on what’s happening at the Grange please contact us on  0208 348 4550 or email

The Grange

Last summer I had the pleasure of been shown around what people in Neasden and around Brent know as The Grange Museum, Grange Roundabout and generally all things Grange! There is a lot of confusion on what currently happens at this historic site. I will shortly be publishing a guest blog post from ABi Associates about what happens at The Grange.


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