Health Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny and North West London Hospital Reconfiguration

Dr Mark Spencer, Lead Medical Director for Shaping a Healthier Future which proposes to make Central Middlesex Hospital into an Elective Hospital rather a Major Hospital was at the Health Partnerships Overview and Scrutiny meeting last night at Brent Town Hall. He said that no decision had been finalised. However, he admitted that there would only be change to the proposals and preferred option A if something has been left out or if there was a gap identified somewhere that needed to be filled.

Sadly, it appears that there is little room for manoeuvre on these proposals.

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  1. I dont;t think patients have had their objections to these proposals taken on board. Practically, it is a disastrous move in that these far flung Hospitals,will isolate those who have been admitted . IThey are too far away for ease of access for visiting. Cab fares for visitors will be astronomical. , and public transport a nightmare for the elderly. I for one have no family , my neighbours and friends are mostly octogenarians like myself . I would be stuck in a Hospital in unfamiliar territory, none of my Consuktatnts who no my Medical History available and no one able to visit me. Such stress would hardly be conducive to a quick recovery.

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