Area Consultation Forums

Following a summer break, Brent Council now has upcoming Area Consultation Forums (ACFs) in areas around Brent.

There are five Area Consultative Forums to give local people a say about the issues which matter to them. At each meeting, residents, businesses and community representatives are able to raise questions about services provided by the council and other agencies in Brent. Chaired by a Councillor, each area forum meeting is open to the public and is held during a weekday evening in an accessible venue.

At each meeting, there is also a ‘Soapbox slot‘ for residents to express their views and concerns about issues that affects them directly or indirectly. You may attend any forum meeting of your choice.

More information on the five forums

Take a look at each area forum page for more information including: venue, minutes from previous meetings plus dates & times of future meetings.

source: Brent Council

Whilst there is still room for improvement when it comes to actual public input for implementation, the forum still provides a useful avenue in which to collect information and know about what is happening in your area.


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