Recession would be worse if we adopted Tory approach

source: Independent
source: Independent

Trade Union Congress (TUC) General Secretary Brendan Barber has claimed that if the Government were to make cuts in spending now, the recession would get worse. Speaking during the lead up to the TUC’s annual conference, he claimed that unemployment would be closer to 4 million if cuts in public spending were made now and rather than talking about cuts, we should be focusing our efforts towards funding economic revival.

“A time will come when we need to get the deficit down, but that’s not the stage that we are at.”

Brendan Barber

This reiterates Gordon Brown’s message that we cannot cut our way out of a recession but instead have to invest our way out. The Conservative’s policy to address the current economic turmoil has been to make cuts now and pull back the strings of the public purse.

Whilst we will need to address our public debt problems in the future, and that cuts are an option that will need to be looked into vigorously, cutting back on public costs now for the sake of saving money would have a negative impact for the funding of projects that are vital in restoring the economy’s fortunes.

2 thoughts on “Recession would be worse if we adopted Tory approach

  1. There is always room for improvement. But the general direction and steps that Gordon Brown has taken and led to combat the global economic downturn has been correct. Curbing back Government spending whilst trying to recover economically would have made things worse as it would mean taking more money out of the economy. Government injection of capital into the economy on the other hand will provide stimulus needed to spark economic recovery.

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