Response to CPZ extension in Dudden Hill Ward

I recently posted, informing about the consultation for the proposed extension of the Controlled Parking Zone affecting Dudden Hill ward.

cairnfield street car

Read below my response to the Council’s consultation:

Implementation of any such scheme needs to be tailor made according to the street. The current proposal has been lazily put about.

I have consulted multiple residents on many streets that will be inevitably affected by the CPZ extension and have found a varied response according to each road. On my road, parking is not a problem during the proposed extension hours and residents are opposed to the scheme.

However towards the shopping centre, some residents do agree with the proposal in principle but feel that they are being held to ransom by the Council for the right to park outside their own home.

In addition, this consultation has been rushed and the window for submitting responses has not been open for long enough; especially taking into consideration the postal difficulties that have been experienced Londonwide due to the postal strikes.

I also failed to meet a single resident (after knocking on many many doors) who has sent a complaint to deem this extension a worthy enough action to pursue.

Whilst in principle, if residents do demand it, a CPZ extension may not be such a bad idea, I am very sceptical of the Council’s reasons for bringing this proposal in and fear that it is merely another way to raise quick revenue.

If the Council are going to force money out of residents to park outside their homes, they should at least invest that money to rebuild our roads, which are in dire need of resurfacing.

Krupesh Hirani


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