Break the stereotype, fix the impression

Source: Brent BRAIN
Source: Brent BRAIN

BrentYouth Parliament (BYP) have launched a nationwide survey called ‘Break the Stereotype, Fix the Impression’. The survey will ask people of all ages and backgrounds questions on how young people are perceived and to assess whether current observations of young people are distorted and largely negative.

The survey will be circulated throughout the country as the BYP and UK Youth Parliament see the issue as a UK concern.

BYP members decided this survey was needed because they were concerned that society and the media see all young people as being badly behaved and rude, caused mainly due to the small minority who misbehave and seem more visible. The group believes that, unless these impressions are challenged, young people will inherit an attitude that could cause lasting damage for future generations.

Kishan Parshotam, a BYP member said, “Young people need to identify and understand the older generations perception of them, the results of this survey will help bridge the gap between the generations as it is a joint responsibility.”

Manveen Patwalia, Principal Youth Participation Manager for Brent Council said, “The youth are the future of this planet and we must provide them with encouragement and guidance. This survey will help bring more awareness to the issues that young people face in their growth into adulthood.”

Everyone who completes the survey will be in with a chance of winning a new Apple iPod Nano with video camera and FM radio!

Survey deadline: Sunday 15 November 2009. The results of the survey will be published on Wednesday 25 November 2009.

(Source: Brent BRAIN)

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