Emissions targets slashed by Lib Dems

Lib Dem claims to fight climate change have proved to be so much hot air as the Council’s Executive is set to revise its target for carbon dioxide emissions  downwards. In the last year of the Labour administration, Brent’s was on course for a 20% reduction in carbogreen world in handsn dioxide emissions by 2011 but the Lib Dems are set to revise that target to a paltry 6% by 2011 and under their policies Labour’s 20% target will not be reached for another decade.

Shamefaced Lib Dems have also sought to massage the statistics by including emissions from social housing, which are not included in most council’s figures and are very low. Schools account for 49% of all Brent’s carbon dioxide emissions and Labour claims that the Council has done too little to encourage schools to reduce their emissions.

The figures are set out in a report to the Executive entitled ‘Carbon Management – Second Review’ (Forward Plan reference E&C-09/10-13) which will be received by the Executive this evening (19 October).

Labour’s Environment Spokesperson, Cllr James Powney, said:

“At a time when world leaders like Barack Obama and Gordon Brown are taking firm action to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions and raising carbon emission reduction targets, Brent’s Lib Dems are going in the opposite direction. Moreover, meeting our emissions targets requires investment, particularly in our schools and the Lib Dems are committed to ‘savage cuts’. Their inaction is merely storing up problems for a future Labour administration”.


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