Council admits failure of Dumper’s charter

At the October Council meeting, Labour Councillor Jim Moher (Fryent ward) asked the following question:

What are the monthly rates for special collections since April 2006, and what reasons can the Administration give for the sudden decline in such collections in July/August 2007?

Councillor Moher has received a reply from the Lead Member for Environment, Planning and Culture, Cllr Irwin Van Colle, which confirms the decline and baldy states that the reason for the decline is the introduction of the charge for special collections. If you would like to see the full figures, email me on

Labour’s spokesperson for Environment, Planning & Culture, Councillor James Powney, welcomed Cllr Van Colle’s honesty, which is in sharp contrast to the Lib Dem refusal to admit that the £25.00 charge for bulky refuse – the ‘Dumpers Charter’ –  has caused an epidemic in dumping.

Councillor Powney said:

“I am grateful to Cllr Van Colle for admitting that the number of special collections has fallen as a result of the introduction of the ‘Dumpers’ Charter’. That is what I have been saying all along. Now perhaps he will change the policy he admits has failed”.


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