Lib Dems scrap funding for London’s largest jobs fair

Brent Liberal Democrats joined forces with Tory boroughs across London and voted to withdraw funding from Skills London 2010, the careers and skills event for young people from across London and the South East.

Attracting over 50,000 visitors, Skills London 2010 organised by London First was intended to showcase the range of opportunities available to young people including apprenticeships, education, training, employment and internships and other options. But the event is now at risk after the Lib Dems and Tories who control the London Councils Leaders’ Committee voted to withdraw financial support. Labour boroughs unanimously opposed the withdrawal of funding.

Labour’s Regeneration spokesperson, Cllr Colum Moloney, said:

“The Liberal Democrats weep crocodile tears about youth unemployment then join forces with their Tory friends to scrap an event which is aimed at helping young people into work. The Lib Dems are committed to ‘savage cuts’ and the Tories want to cut spending to finance cuts in inheritance tax. Only Labour is committed to helping ordinary people through the recession”.

At a time where unemployment is a pressing issue, surely funding for schemes that help to address issues in this sector should be encouraged. This seems to be all part of Nick Clegg’s savage cuts policy.


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