Lib Dems Gerrymandering in South Kilburn

Brent Lib Dems’ polling district review has resulted in the closure of a polling station in the Salvation Army building at the corner of Chichester Road and Cambridge Avenue near Kilburn High Road. Local residents will now have to go all the way to the OK Club in Peel Precinct. The Lib Dem council had earlier proposed to close that polling station as well but it was reprieved after Labour Councillor Mary Arnold (Kilburn ward) had argued against any polling station closures in her ward. Much of Labour’s support in the Kilburn ward comes from residents in the South Kilburn estate and the closure of a polling station there is seen as a deliberate attempt to reduce the Labour vote. Ironically, the area adjoins the City of Westminster, where the Lib Dems’ Tory allies famously gerrymandered the borough with their illegal ‘Homes for Votes’ scheme.

Councillor Arnold said:

“The closure of the Salvation Army polling station will greatly inconvenience local people especially elderly and disabled people who are less mobile. This is a deliberate attempt to boost the Lib Dems’ chances by making it more difficult for Labour supporters to vote. It is pure gerrymandering”.


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