Brent is simply the worst performing Local Authority when it comes to service provision for disadvantaged children

The Department for Children, Schools and Families has published results from national survey on Parental Experiences of Services Provided to Disabled People (LINK) and Brent scored lowest out of the entire country showing Brent to be simply the worst performing Local Authority when it comes to services for disadvantaged children.

The quality of services provided by the Council since the Lib Dem / Tory coalition took control in 2006 have plummeted and this is yet another example of poor performance from what is now a struggling Local Authority.  Under Labour, the Council was on course to becoming a under national performance indicators a four star Council. It is now under the Lib Dem / Tory rule still a Three Star Borough but dangerously close to scoring a Two Star rating with the Council scoring Two in the sub-categories of ‘use of resources’, ‘governing the business’ and ‘managing resources’. To see how pathetic the Council is performing across the board in local service provision see the following LINK.

The survey was conducted by social research company TNS-BMRB and scores were given to each local authority based on extensive questioning of parents of disabled children.

The average score for English local authorities was 61 (out of 100), a slight improvement on 59 a year earlier. The best performing local authorities were North Tyneside and Northumberland County Council who both scored 67. Brent’s score of 55 was simply the worst and was down from last year’s score by three points.

Brent Council’s Labour Opposition has repeatedly condemned the Lib Dem and Tory run council for cutting services for disabled older people. Now it appears that the ‘savage cuts’ favoured by the Liberal Democrats and Tories are impacting adversely on disabled children as well.

Labour spokesperson for Children and Families, Councillor Mary Arnold said the report makes shocking reading and it confirms our worst suspicions that services for the most vulnerable have rapidly deteriorated under this incompetent right wing administration. They have clobbered older disabled people by trebling care charges and now it is revealed that their services for disabled children are the worst in the country.


One thought on “Brent is simply the worst performing Local Authority when it comes to service provision for disadvantaged children

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