Lib Dem Hypocricy on School Funding

This week’s Wembley Observer newspaper publishes a letter from Lib Dem Education supremo Cllr Bob Wharton complaining that the £80 million earmarked by the government to improve Brent schools has not yet been received and may not yet be received. Meanwhile, in the Willesden & Brent Times the Lib Dem councillors for Wembley Central ward Daniel Bessong, Valerie Brown and Afifa Pervez have written a letter congratulating the Lib Dem council on getting the money, without of course mentioning that the money has been put up by the Labour government following intensive lobbying by local Labour MPs.

Labour’s Education spokesperson, Councillor Mary Arnold, said:

“The last time I looked, Councillors Wharton and the Councillor for Wembley Central ward were all in the same party yet they are saying radically different things about the same government announcement. This is a typical example of the Lib Dems trying to face both ways at once. The fact is that the Government has pledged £80 million for improvements to Brent schools and indeed the Labour Government has invested record sums on Brent schools for the past decade. It is the Liberal Democrats who are committed to ‘savage cuts’ in public spending and they cannot claim that the increased investment in Brent schools is anything to do with them”.


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