No resources to keep Dudden Hill clean

On 15th November I blogged on the following regarding Dewsbury Road – LINK

I continue to see rubbish dumped on the corner of this particular road regularly. See photo evidence below:

15th November
15th November
15th November
5th December 2009
5th December

11th December

As you can see the level of neglect is atrocious. Residents vented their anger on the issue and I wrote to the Council’s StreetCare team looking for clarification on the issue:

Dear Sir / Madam,

I have received complaints from residents in Dewsbury Road, Dollis Hill that their street is not being looked after properly in comparison to adjacent roads. Residents were having to sweep the pavements of leaves falling from trees planted on the pavement.

Last Sunday, on the corner of the road itself by the road sign was a dreadful heap of tree waste by which it would be impossible to get a pushchair, wheelchair or pavement vehicle past (see attached photograph).

Can this issue be looked into?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,

Krupesh Hirani

Dudden Hill Ward
Labour Party Action Team

Below is the response I received:

Dear Krupesh,

With regards to your email, please be advised  that on my inspections the Fly tip was observed and  issued  on 19th /11/09 : Contender number 1014686.  Upon request for removal further items had been  added to the fly tip.  It would appear that at that particular location as well as various locations in the Dudden Hill Ward, items are being dumped on the public footway.

With regards to the street cleansing, there has been several  issues  raised relating to the cleansing standard  of the area. The fact that we also have leafing issues is  further affecting cleansing standards. Please rest assured I am trying to arrange additional cleansing services for the area as the roads are very long and I don’t believe that there  is adequate resources to ensure for effecting maintenance throughout Dewsbury Road and the surrounding roads.

Thanking you for  your time in this matter.

Kind Regards,

StreetCare Ward Officer (Dollis Hill and Dudden Hill)

Another example of Lib Dem hypocrisy with them admitting there are inadequate resources to keep our streets clean and yet the Council spends £2.3 million on communications and over a million pounds on external consultants to tell them how to save money!


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