Why David Cameron is wrong on teacher recruitment

David Cameron has recently stressed that making teaching a profession that attracts the academically elite is the way forward for our education system –  LINK

Firstly, under what the Tory leader is proposing, we would see an influx of individuals who join the profession as a short term measure to pay off a student loan and to reap the financial benefits, not people who have a desired career in the teaching profession.

I don’t believe that making teaching ‘brazingly elitist’ is the way forward. Where David Cameron is right is when he says that “the quality of a teacher is the single most important factor in a child’s educational progress.” However, where we disagree will be on the type of quality; academic or the ability to interact with children effectively.

An individual who has earned a first class degree at Oxford or Cambridge may not necessarily be equipped to control a classroom of over 20 children. Maybe the more qualified have picked up a stronger depth of knowledge. However, what use is this knowledge in a classroom if they are unable to impart this knowledge to a classroom effectively?

Instead teachers should be recruited from a broad range of criteria depending on multiple attributes and not just the grades that they acquired at University.


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