Traffic problems persist on Tanfield Avenue – Labour takes action

A concerned Tanfield Avenue resident highlighted to me an alarming transport issue that has been affecting residents who live on the road for a number of years now. I therefore wrote to residents who live on Tanfield Avenue and worked through our Brent and Harrow local London Assembly Member, Councillor Navin Shah, who at the London Mayor’s Question Time, raised the issue to Mayor Boris Johnson. See the correspondence below:

Tanfield Avenue, NW2

Question No: 748 / 2010

Navin Shah

What measures are TfL looking at to reduce road traffic casualties and bus journey times along Tanfield Avenue NW2?

Answer from the Mayor:

The London Borough of Brent is the highway authority for Tanfield Avenue. Through the Local Implementation Plan (LIP) process, TfL provides funding to each London borough for improvements to its transport network. This includes works to reduce road traffic casualties and improve bus journey times.

Tanfield Avenue has been prioritised by the London Borough of Brent for LIP funding in 2010/11. The borough will investigate improvements to bus journey times while maintaining an emphasis on road casualty reduction.

TfL has worked closely with officers from Brent to develop proposals for Tanfield Avenue as part of a package of corridor improvements to bus route 182. Implementation of any schemes rests with Brent as the local highway authority and TfL will continue to assist the borough in this regard.

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