Lib Dem / Tory Council ripping off residents with parking charges

Brent Council rakes in a staggering £5,520,000 in surplus cash from its parking department but still insists the service is there to protect motorists.

The Council’s targeting of motorists to help fund their inactivity is atrocious. They shamefully refunded thousands of pounds after pressure from the Willesden and Brent Times after they sent out traffic wardens on Boxing Day last year despite saying four days earlier that it would be free.

So what is Brent’s parking policy actually about? Is it about parking enforcement, or all about raking in more money to fill the hole in the council’s finances?

With all the money being raised through motorists in Brent, why is the revenue being raised clearly not being used as efficiently as it can be to maintain our roads? On Wembley Stadium event days, traffic wardens can be seen ready to pounce on cars that have been parked within the stadium event parking permit zone.

Parking permits bring in £2,448,722 for the council while PCN removals account for £1,020,000 of annual income.

Looking at the see the level of surplus, the question has been raised by residents on whether the parking tickets are really issued to move traffic safely or are just a mere revenue raising exercise.


One thought on “Lib Dem / Tory Council ripping off residents with parking charges

  1. I am more concerned that 100,000 people are dying each year in britain from smoking related diseases and yet smoking is something that is legalized by politicians.
    so how you expect people to take you seriously when you point the finger at your fellow politicians who also deliberatly remain silent even though they should crying literally from the roof tops about the immense ammounts of deaths from cancer in this country.
    it sickens me to know that the people that are running the country are blood thirsty greed driven hypocrites.
    yes Cllr Hirani that is how I view you politicians…you certainly would expect to recieve praise from me when again you politicians overlook a systematic abuse of the public and all for the sake of money.
    why or why do we have to live under hypocrites who operate with double standards?
    yes cllr while you condemn the lib dem torys council for raking in immense amounts in car parking charges, why do you remain silent about the immense ammount that is raked in from the sale of cigarettes that is causing 100.000 people to die every year?
    isn’t that worse than a council expoliting local residents over car parking charges.

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