Brent Labour Manifesto for 2010 Local Elections

On a day where Gordon Brown announced the key battle themes that Labour will be campaigning on for the general election, here is what Labour will do if we regain control of Brent Council:

We Will:

  • Repeal the £25 charge for bulky refuse collection.
  • Keep Council Tax levels at or below the London average and introduce a discount for eligible over 75 year olds.
  • Introduce FREE parking for the first hour in Council car parks to encourage local shopping for local people.
  • Rebuild our secondary schools and ensure that school facilities are fully available to the wider community, especially young people
  • Crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Introduce a Green Charter in consultation with local residents and other stakeholders.


  • Introducing 20mph speed restrictions in areas where residents want them.
  • Introducing fairer care charges for elderly and disabled people.
  • Making Brent a Fairtrade borough.
  • Provide multi use games areas in every suitable open space.
  • Provide a safer environment for our young people.
  • Work with other local authorities and central government to change legislation to allow the Council to restrict the growth of betting shops and fast food outlets near schools.

In the next few weeks leading up to the elections, I will blog on these pledges and priorities in greater detail, giving plenty of reasons to Bring Labour Back in Brent.

Brent Labour Group in Stonebridge after working on developing the Local Election manifesto

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