It’s Labour that fought and continues to fight against the barbaric act of Fox Hunting

In 2001, Labour went into the General Election with a manifesto pledge to give Parliament a free vote on the issue of fox hunting.

In 2004, our MPs delivered on that pledge. The ban on hunting with dogs came into force in February 2005, following the eventual passage of the Hunting Act 2004 through Parliament.

The Hunting Act 2004 made the hunting with dogs of all wild mammals an offence, and also completely banned hare coursing. There are a few tightly-drawn exemptions to allow essential activities, such as pest control, to continue subject to strict conditions.

The ban does not stop people from riding with their dogs provided they remain within the law.

However, David Cameron has tried to keep it well hidden that a Conservative Government will bring these cruel laws back in. This act of cruelty belongs in the middle ages and only under a Labour Goverment will this ban be kept.


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