Lib Dem Broken Promise: Dollis Hill House

Dollis Hill House is historically significant building in Brent, and is within Gladstone Park. You may have heard of Chequers, which is the official country residence of the UK Prime Minister. Well, Prime Minister William Gladstone (you may recognise the name from the primary school on Sherrick Green Road), used Dollis Hill House as his country home, and the House was the Chequers of that time.

The House has been subject to multiple arson attacks and a campaign snowballed to save the House.

The Brent Lib Dems promised to save Dollis Hill House. Instead the Council took the easy option and chose to seek to demolish the house, rather than working with English Heritage to find a better solution. Thankfully, and after successful campaigning from the Dollis Hill Residents’ Association, the heritage came through for the House and and after clarity that the Council had not worked hard enough to seek alternative solutions to demolition, the plans to demolish the House have thus far failed.

Another disappointing twist in this saga is that Ken Livingstone is no longer Mayor of London. As Mayor, he pledged financial support to rebuild Dollis Hill House and commitment from Boris Johnson has not been forthcoming.

So Dollis Hill House is another reason to Bring Labour Back on May 6th.


2 thoughts on “Lib Dem Broken Promise: Dollis Hill House

  1. Gladstone used Dollis Hill House to entertain prostitutes, is that the sort of history you had in mind as significant? The fires in the 1990s and the decisions to allow the building to fall into disrepair and dereliction were taken on while Labour had control of Brent Council. The £280k that Brent Council were paid by insurers following the fires has been wasted on timidity and inaction, and several thousand pounds annually on scaffold. You should read the archive Krupesh. Here are some documents I obtained under FOI from Brent.

  2. I’m not suprised at this. Brent demolishing a classic and historic piece of architecture and replacing it with a cheap and nasty cafe as its legacy. The way Brent Council treats all its listed buildings is appaulling (note: Empire State and South Kilburn Conservation area). Run by people who have no understanding or respect for what made this country great.

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