Why Vote?

All the candidates and parties are the same and it doesn’t matter who’s in power, so why bother voting.

Imagine if everyone felt that way – we would never elect anyone! There have been many, many elections – not just on a local level – that have been decided by less than 100 votes. So thinking that your vote does not count couldn’t be further from the truth. And this election more than other, it seems that every vote will make a difference.

And in so called ‘safe seats’ still important to vote. Every vote sends a message. Whether the excuse is apathy or laziness, voting has become a privilege that people take for granted. It also helps the Party you support to build aplatform for the next election so voting for them despite it being unlikely that they will get in your area is still worthwhile. There are many countries where a person does not have a choice, and I’m sure they would gladly change places with you for the fundamental privilege of voting.

A lot of young people don’t vote. It’s a representation issue. There aren’t many young people in Politics and young people don’t feel able to relate to politicians. That can only change if there are more young people in Parliament and in Town Halls.

Democracy is only a process that works if all are involved. A huge reason why young people are neglected by politicians is because statistically, they are less likely to turn out to vote than older members of society.

But on May the 6, remember that the next Government may have an enormous impact on the future, not just for four to five years but for generations to come.


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