Congratulations Prime Minister Cameron

The Conservative Party won the most seats and won the highest percentage of the popular vote. For that reason, it is only right that David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party officially became our Prime Minister yesterday.

It is concerning however that Nick Clegg is now Deputy Prime Minister and at the moment it is unclear what his role entails. His role must be clearly defined to the public, and I’m sure in due course it will be.

But yes, the Lib Dems now hold a disproportionate level of power in relation to the number of seats they now have in Parliament, but the outcome we learnt yesterday is probably the only workable solution.

As far as any potential Labour – Lib Dem coalition is concerned, it would have been the wrong thing for us to pursue. We would not have obtained sufficient seats to govern effectively and would also be relying on support from the Scottish Nationalist Party and Plaid Cymru and for all MPs to vote all the time in the same way from every Party for every division – it would have been too complicated.

I believe we have done the right thing in not forming a rainbow coalition. We are far better off forming a strong opposition, providing strong scrutiny of the Government’s policies, than we are being part of a weak Government.

We did extremely well at the elections under the circumstances. Newspapers were trying to influence people to vote against us, Gordon Brown came under personalised attacks, the expenses scandal, from which all parties were guilty showed media coverage focusing more on the mishaps of Labour Party MPs, and yet we came out strong in the polls and accumulated enough support to stop the Tories gaining an outright majority on their own.

It is now time to regroup, select a new leader and look to the future!


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