EXCLUSIVE: Foreign Office promoting William Hague’s Party Political microblog

The Foreign Office tonight has been repeatedly tweeting material from Secretary of State and Conservative Member of Parliament, William Hague.

Nothing wrong in that, one might say. The material retweeted is not overtly political and cover a meeting that Hague is attending wearing his Ministerial hat. However, William Hague’s tweets on his page are and he directly links his twitter page directly to the Conservative Party website.

Rolling down his tweets, updates can be found giving clear reference to Party Political content.

This is unacceptable. Government websites should not be linking to Party political material.

Elsewhere, the Equalities Office have published a direct link to Lib Dem MP Lynne Featherstone’s Party political website. The key phrase which may mean that there is no legal misdemeanor in this is ‘information from’. However, it would still be interesting to know how many people through the Government website move onto the Party political site of Lynne Featherstone.

And yes, Theresa May’s website details are also published, but her website is funded by her Parliamentary communications allowance and makes no direct reference to the Conservative Party and merely promotes her work as a Member of Parliament and not a member of the Conservative Party.

Nonetheless, Government departments need to review their actions when it comes to using social media and need to be careful to what they are linking to.


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