What’s the best thing about your role as a Councillor?

I was asked this last week at a talk I gave toyoung people about politics at a Saturday School. It has to be representing people and their views. There is nothing better than that feeling of achievement when someone comes to you with an issue that concerns them and you take action and successfully resolve it.

Unfortunately, not every problem has a solution that makes everyone happy, but that’s politics. You just have to look at all sides of a situation, and make a judgement and act on what you believe is right.

A lot of people think that politicians are in it just for the money, and after the expenses scandal, it’s no surprise that this is a view that is widely believed. However, on average, a London Councillor receives around £10,000 a year for their services. Not enough to make a full time living out of. But I got involved because of a compelling desire to serve the community and bring about positive change, and I’m sure that many MPs who became entangled in the expenses scandal would say something similar about why they became involved in politics.


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