Plans for Council to monitor Traffic Enforcement

Last week I attended the Forward Plan Select Committee meeting, and under scrutiny, was the Council’s move to pull in traffic offence enforcement under their remit. I was mightily impressed with the background work that has been done on this proposal and believe that it is a good idea.

A problem was identified with traffic enforcement and the fact that traffic offences, such as stopping over yellow crossed boxes, and stopping over white zigzag line markings were not being picked up by the police. It goes back to a directive on 6th February 2010, when the Metropolitan Police told their officers that they should no longer take action against motorists following “minor errors of judgement”. Fair enough, they do need to divert their time on looking at more major offences.

This scheme was first proposed by the previous Council administration led by Paul Lorber, and after looking at the detail of the plan, I am pleased that we will be taking this proposal forward. It will cost £1,104,000 to bring the policing over traffic offences under Council control. The burrowed investment is expected to be covered in five years through the scheme and every site with a traffic enforcement feature will be carefully assessed. Expected behavioural changes of motorists are also accounted for in these calculations.

Last night, the proposal was brought before the Full Council meeting and agreed for implementation. The changes will be in operation from 1st January 2011.


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