Lib Dem Broken Promises: VAT

  • Pensioners will be hardest hit by the VAT increase to 20% in the Government’s June Budget
  • Pensioners have not been compensated for the extra costs with increases in tax allowances or benefits.
  • No one voted for this unfair VAT increase. In the election, David Cameron said: “We have absolutely no plans to raise VAT.”
  • The Lib-Dems campaigned against a VAT increase and accused the Conservatives of hiding a secret VAT bombshell.
  • The Tory-Lib-Dem unfair VAT increase to 20% is a broken promise that will hit the poorest hardest.

Source: The Labour Party


2 thoughts on “Lib Dem Broken Promises: VAT

  1. Your claims are unfounded Cllr Hirani. This is exactly why your party no longer governs in this country. Voters accept that VAT must rise if we are to tackle the budget deficit left by the Labour party. In addition, this is the fairest way to do it. Better to raise VAT than further cut public services such as schools and the NHS as your leader, Ed Miliband, is effectively suggesting.

    1. If you note my previous post, cuts to education are rife through hidden grant cuts to London Local Authorities. I love how words have been put into Ed Miliband’s mouth as to what he would cut. With changes to VAT, commuter fares, and fuel prices, today the London Evening Standard is reporting that people in outer London stand to add £1,000 a year to their living costs… and I suppose that Labour are to blame for deficits in America, Greece, Ireland and all the other dozens of countries around the world

      There is a deficit to tackle and it should be reduced, but the current approach is too fast and too drast. Politicians from nearly all parties in London agree – Even London Tories have doubts

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