Residents celebrate the end of the bulky item collection charge

Residents in my Ward are delighted that collection of bulky waste items is now free again under Labour and I’m sure that all residents across Brent will be pleased too.

The Lib Dems in Brent Council introduced a £25 charge for the collection of bulky items from resident’s homes.  Brent Labour opposed this – the service was free of charge before 2006.  The £25 charge led to a massive reduction of people arranging for collections. So where was all this bulky waste going? Quite visibly, local residents were spotting bulky items dumped on their road. Charging from the Lib Dems produced a free license to dump and led to real eyesores around my Ward and even health hazards.

I went out on the doorstep last weekend and spoke to residents on Bermans Way and Leeland Way, who were delighted and Labour had dealt with a particular dumping hotspot on their road that had been left neglected for over a year by their previous Lib Dem councillors.

Well the charge is now scrapped as promised by the Brent Labour Party. We will collect up to three times a year and residents can have 5 separate individual items collected each time; meaning that residents can potentially have 15 bulky waste items collected by the Council for FREE!

I hope that people who used to dump their items on the road will now take up the free service by contacting the council to arrange a free collection, so that eyesores will hopefully become less of an issue.

If you have an item you would like to be collected all you need to do is call the Council on 020 8937 5050 and they will arrange to pick it up from you – it really is very simple. We hope that people in Brent will take advantage of this service so that scenes like the one that residents experienced in this area will become a thing of the past.

At a time when Lib Dem Minister, Sarah Teather along with her Conservative colleagues  in Government are introducing savage cuts, I’m proud to be part of a Labour administration that are increasing and improving services to local residents in Brent.


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