Feelings on Ed Miliband becoming the leader

Following the Labour Leadership result, the Willesden and Brent Times contacted me for my thoughts on Ed Miliband being elected new leader of the Labour Party. They did not publish them, so the comments may as well go to use some place, so I will be publishing my responses to their questions. The first question they asked was:

I was wondering what your feelings were on Ed Miliband becoming the leader?

I met all the candidates during the leadership election process and they were all excellent candidates in their own right.

We put our candidates through an exhausting process, husting after husting (over 50 in total!), but are far better off for it, as it gave an opportunity for the potential leader to enhance their credibility across the country and speak to ordinary people who are out there spreading the Labour message at the grassroots level and answer their concerns. I’m glad that we have now selected our new leader and can now concentrate on the business of providing effective opposition to the Coalition Government and being a credible alternative, united behind our new Party leader.


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