Will Brent Labour see any changes with Ed Miliband in power?

Following the Labour Leadership result, the Willesden and Brent Times contacted me for my thoughts on Ed Miliband being elected new leader of the Labour Party. They did not publish them, so the comments may as well go to use some place, so I have been publishing my responses to their questions on my blog. This is the final question and response in this series.

Do you think Brent Labour will see any changes with Ed Miliband in power, if so what?

I think that the Labour Party groups all around the Country are already reaping the benefits of having Ed as our leader and we will in Brent too. Within the first 24 hours of Ed becoming leader, a new member was signing up to the Labour Party once every 1 min 48 secs; boosting membership by 726.

As one of the youngest Councillors in the UK, his core message in his Leader’s speech to Party conference indicating that he would lead a new generation for change, struck a chord with me personally, and I think it’s no surprise that 214 of those new party members are under the age of 27. The people are hungry for change in our politics and Ed is the right leader to bring about that change.


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