What are Sarah Teather’s views on the Brent Cross Development?

Our MP Sarah Teather was critical of everyone but herself when this development was being pushed forward by Barnet Council and Mayor of London Boris Johnson seemed in favour of it.

Lets look at the facts. Labour Secretary of State John Denham called in the developed and it was put on hold. A few months later Sarah Teather and Eric Pickles are Government Ministers and the Development gets the go ahead. All of a sudden Sarah Teather is silent on the issue.

5 thoughts on “What are Sarah Teather’s views on the Brent Cross Development?

  1. This is an unfair and unwelcome comment. Those of us fighting the Brent Cross project have been VERY careful to keep the campaign apolitical. We’ve had support from all parties – cross party on Brent Council, Ms Teather, Navin Shah, the Greens and many many others. And, this level of support continues – if you check our blog, you’ll find statements of opposition including Labour AND Lib Dems from Brent.

    Please do not bring party politics and name calling into such an important campaign. I realise you are not a member of the Coalition, but several of your colleagues are and they’ve been very welcome.

  2. Dear Alison,
    Your views are welcome. And I agree with the apolitical nature of the campaign – which is why I haven’t questioned the Lib Dems on this blogpost. I still believe that the Lib Dems on the Council oppose the development and continue to campaign against it. I do however pose the question on what the view of my MP is who had been quite on the issue in comparison to how vociferous she was prior to May 2010.
    In no way do I attack the Lib Dems in the way that Sarah Teather politicises the issue onto Labour here:
    This is why I have highlighted the point on how quickly others have been criticised on the issue in the past.

  3. In support of Alison and against your last comment. Firstly John Denham did NOT call in the development, but issued a stop notice to put the decision on hold. He missed a vital opportunity to call it into public inquiry. Eric Pickles, in cahoots with Barnet Council, Boris and the greedy developers merely gave it the nod, as was expected.

    This huge devt – the largest in the UK, has clear grounds to be called in, given its impact on surrounding Boroughs. Sarah Teather, Navin Shah, the Greens and others have to date worked co-operatively in a broad- based cross-party Coalition, which you have so far not cared to join. As a Councillor for Dudden Hill, you should be involving yourself in this and representing constituents affected. Otherwise it appears that all you are doing is no more than you wrongly accusing Sarah Teather of doing.

    The Sarah Teather item linked above made a reference to Labour, purely because Labour was the party in Government who failed to call in the development when they had the chance. Sarah has spoken out at both Brent and Barnet Planning committees, and although Dawn Butler has been very supportive of the campaign, she did not choose to do so. So please get your own facts straight and lets see some positive campaigning on your part on this issue.

  4. Actually the comment is very valid. I am not finding her helpful. When I have problem or people i know from my community have problem her office is not open now like before election. she has brocken many promise and I dont agree with what she has done to caribbean community. SHe campein for caribbean tax to get black votes and now doing nothing about it. When i was working when Thatcher was runing the counrty I lost my job – what this goverment is doing is worse then thatcher because they stopping children from getting job in the first place from getting qualification by puttin prces so high. my son is in university but my two daughters our family are worries we might not be able to send them and they really want to go to university so that they can do something with their life. Because she promise on tuition fees to get rid of them and now Goverment is saying my children will hav to pay more in the futur we should ask question to Sara should on al issues update teh public on all the issues she campein on befor election and what are her views on it now. Politician only want vote then when they become high up they forget about the people who voted for them and they promises

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