Dear Sarah Teather, Do the right thing

Tonight is the vote where a whole generation will learn the fate of their future. Whether they will be consigned with levels of unamiginable debt.

Despite daily protests outside her Willesden Green office, we are yet to hear a word from our Brent Central MP on how she will vote tonight. The Coalition Government Minister was one of those who signed the NUS pledge (not to be confused with a promise of course) that she would personally vote against any rise in tuition fees.

She has remained tight lipped even until today on the issue with the people of Brent having no idea what her thoughts are on the issue or how she will vote. Sky News tried to get an answer from her yesterday with no success (LINK).

All we’ve had so far is four word expletives (LINK).

I think this is a good thing as it means there is still hope. People in Brent will just have to wait in hope tonight to see if our local MP honours her pledge or if she sells out and condemns a generation of young people to a lifetime of debt.


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