Coalition Government Cuts to Brent Council: Central Government Grant Reductions

Leaving the Comprehensive Spending Review aside for one moment, in the summer of 2010, the Coalition Government reduced certain grants to Brent Council which has directly impacted upon residents. Most of these cuts attacked the vulnerable in society. Around £6 million was cut from the council budget at this stage in the financial cycle with much being imposed on programmes that were actively in operation or where plans and structures were in place to utilise the Central Government Grants.

Central Government Grant Reductions

  • £57,000 reduction to the Working Neighbourhood Fund Which provides a Language to Work Service to local residents. This was a programme budgeted for 2 years with 12 classes per year. The £57,000 loss is likely to reduce class frequency.
  • £390,000 reduction in Housing and Planning Delivery Grant which has impacted on Town Centre Manager posts and budgets. This will curtail progress on developing Town Centres in Brent.
  • £143,000 reduction in the Free Swimming Grant which gave free provision of swimming to older people and children under 16. This will impact on free swimming provision for children.

In addition nearly £1.9 million was cut from Brent’s Children and Families Grant and a further £3.2 million from our Performance Reward Grant. I will be writing about these two cuts in further detail in the near future.

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