Brent Council is on the road to safety

Brent Council has written to 83 head teachers to ask for their help in promoting road safety outside schools.

The Lead Member for Highways and Transportation, Cllr Jim Moher, is sending out the letters to let schools know that Brent will be taking tougher enforcement action on school keep clear markings in the New Year.

It’s part of Brent’s plan to enforce moving traffic offences to improve road safety and reduce congestion. There are 20 offences in total and drivers could be fined £120 if caught breaking the rules.

Dave Cooper, Governor of Oliver Goldsmith School, Conniston Gardens, Kingsbury, said: “Having worked with junior road safety officers for four years we have seen firsthand the problems caused by selfish and dangerous parking.

“We have problems outside both our entrances at Oliver Goldsmith and I’m pleased the council is taking steps to improve road safety. There have been many near misses as parents drive on pathways to access parking and often can’t see children in their mirrors.”

Over the coming weeks, council engineers will review the markings and signage outside schools to make sure they are clear. Where work is necessary, this will be carried out with minimum disruption to the school.

Once enforcement starts, mobile CCTV cars will patrol the borough, travelling to congestion or accident hotspots to deter motorists from breaking the rules. Warning letters rather than fines will be sent for the first two weeks.

Drivers caught on camera committing a traffic contravention will be sent a bill in the post which will include an image of the offence.

Cllr Moher said: “I hope it won’t come to this.  Our goal is to improve road safety and we hope that by warning drivers about the fines they will choose to follow the rules instead. It’s really important that every parent, carer and visitor to schools in Brent knows about this change in power.  That way they can make an informed decision in January about whether to follow the rules or risk a fine.”

Brent is asking schools to send out letters to parents and carers about the new scheme, put information on their websites and newsletters and display a poster in their reception areas.

Schools that have a problem with vehicles parking on school keep clear markings, or who would like further information, should contact Michael Lambert, Parking Manager, on 0208 937 5091 or by email at He can arrange for parking enforcement officers or CCTV equipped vehicles to visit.

Cllr Moher said: “Before enforcement takes place, we will ask for confirmation that parents and carers have been informed about this initiative.”

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