Chief Executive and Director’s Pay

Many point to the fact that some of these are paid higher than the Prime Minister and that pay for those in high positions at the Council should be reduced given the cuts that the Council has to make. I personally agree with this.

However, when people have signed contracts this is difficult to achieve. To make such changes, the Council would face legal costs which would end up costing the Council more.

Nonetheless, Brent Labour has made sure that newly appointed Director’s pay is more fairer. In addition, there is now a female Director in the Education brief which is one of the highest at the Council – thereby dampening the male dominance in the top roles at the Council.


North West London light railway receives overwhelming local Labour support

The Brent Labour Party showed overwhelming support to the North West London light railway system. The scheme can be built on networks that already exist. Sadly, the Brent cross development put forward in Barnet would build over this potential network.

Read Cllr Shafique Choudhary’s take on it here – LINK –  with more information on something that would be brilliant to have for Brent residents.

Cuts that Brent Council has to make are changing all the time

Figures on the cuts that Brent Council has to make are having to be revised and the number is only getting bigger each time. During the time of this post here (LINK), I mentioned that we would have to make cuts in the region of £98 million. Recent projections which have taken to account the current and also expected rise in inflation following the hike in petrol prices and VAT mean that this figure is now around £104 million.

Navin Shah’s new website

The Chamber of the Greater London Assembly

I would like to encourage all to visit Brent and Harrow’s representative on the London Assembly Navin Shah’s new website – LINK

Navin has produced a very informative newsletter since he has been elected to the London Assembly. I would recommend all to click on the newsletter tab and click to email and request for yourselves to be added to the distribution list.

Lisa Nandy MP’s article on library services

I’d like to recommend Lisa Nandy MP’s article which highlights that local authorities around the country – and may I add regardless of political affiliation – are being placed in great difficulty to meet the Government’s frontloaded cuts targets without affecting frontline services.

The Coalition Government’s cuts are just too deep and forcing the removal of vital frontline services such as libraries. In fact in Brent 6 are due to close, one of which, I am a regular user of, located within my Ward. It is unfortunate to have such a vital local service removed because of national decisions having local consequences.

Please check up on elderly residents

Hi all,

I’m just making a plea to all Dudden Hill residents.. actually, in fact all residents. Whilst I was out and about in Brent meeting residents in the ward and also campaigning with the Party in Kenton Ward for the by-election, I couldn’t help but notice that it has gotten considerably colder again recently.

With this in mind, I am pleading with anyone who reads this to please check on neighbours who are elderly or vulnerable, just to see if they are ok.

Update on previous post

In addition to my post here on benefit cheats getting caught (LINK), I have another example of us cracking down on such activity from the Dollis Hill part of Dudden Hill Ward. My Safer Neighbourhood Team has informed me of a resident who lived in social housing was found to actually be working in a well paid job for a housing association.

Benefit fraudsters will get caught eventually!

A resident from the Neasden part of Dudden Hill Ward has been jailed for four and a half years after acquiring nearly a quarter of a million pounds over six years from multiple agencies; one of which was Brent Council.

Brent Labour are clamping down on benefit cheats and the Labour led Brent Council will continue to pursue fraudsters, even through civil courts if necessary, until full repayment of money claimed is made.

But your help is also needed. If you know of anyone who is wrongfully cheating the taxpayer of money by receiving entitlements when they shouldn’t be, please call this free phone number 0800 937 777.


Ed Balls is Labour’s new Shadow Chancellor

Ed Balls being interviewed by Michael Crick fo...

The Lib Dems have instantly attacked the appointment of Ed Balls as Labour’s new Shadow Chancellor (LINK). Come on guys…  show a bit of courtesy and at least congratulate or welcome the appointment. The Lib Dems know no meaning of the word respect. They are quaking in their boots at the prospect of Ed Balls having such a high profile role.

After all, these links show how effective Ed Balls is at providing scrutiny to the Coalition Government.

LINK – Ed Balls highlights hypocrisy from Sarah Teather

LINK- Ed Balls uncovers Sarah Teather’s lies on Building Schools for the Future

I’ve met Ed quite a few times and voted for him as my first preference for the Labour Leadership elections in 2010. I think he will do a splendid job at holding the economic measures from this Coalition Government to account.

I’d like to wish Alan Johnson all the best in dealing with the personal problems that led to his resignation.