Benefit fraudsters will get caught eventually!

A resident from the Neasden part of Dudden Hill Ward has been jailed for four and a half years after acquiring nearly a quarter of a million pounds over six years from multiple agencies; one of which was Brent Council.

Brent Labour are clamping down on benefit cheats and the Labour led Brent Council will continue to pursue fraudsters, even through civil courts if necessary, until full repayment of money claimed is made.

But your help is also needed. If you know of anyone who is wrongfully cheating the taxpayer of money by receiving entitlements when they shouldn’t be, please call this free phone number 0800 937 777.


2 thoughts on “Benefit fraudsters will get caught eventually!

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  2. Good to see that it is high time that some good people have had enough with benefit fraudsters. A person who dobs in a benefit fraudster not just does justice to society but also saves thousands and thousands of pounds being stolen off UK’s tax coffers.

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