Chief Executive and Director’s Pay

Many point to the fact that some of these are paid higher than the Prime Minister and that pay for those in high positions at the Council should be reduced given the cuts that the Council has to make. I personally agree with this.

However, when people have signed contracts this is difficult to achieve. To make such changes, the Council would face legal costs which would end up costing the Council more.

Nonetheless, Brent Labour has made sure that newly appointed Director’s pay is more fairer. In addition, there is now a female Director in the Education brief which is one of the highest at the Council – thereby dampening the male dominance in the top roles at the Council.

One thought on “Chief Executive and Director’s Pay

  1. Well if council workers can be made redundant why not the Cheif Exec?

    Indeed I believe the Chief Exec of London Government has started a consultation himself suggesting his post is redundant.

    The current executive model that the council has adopted does not work for Brent.

    Given the urgency of saving money I would urge you to speak to Ann and your fellow councillors to replacing the executive model with one of the other options which is a directly elected paid mayor of Brent.

    This would allow us to make the Chief Exec redundant and recruit a replacement on a lower salary that is more democratically accountable. If it works for London Government why not Brent?

    In the current model everyone votes for a set of councillors but could end up with the power being concentrated in the hands of a few who are from a completely different part of Brent.

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