EXCLUSIVE: local Lib Dem tactics – “pick a cut and champion it”

This is exactly the reason why the Lib Dems cannot be trusted at the local level as well as not a people are realising at the national. A secret local Lib Dem document from a North London local authority has revealed the mentality of the Lib Dems when it comes to campaigning against the cuts. The shocking revelations reveal phrases such as:

‘Pick an unpopular cut and champion it’

and also…

‘We are not running the council, it is not our problem – it’s theirs’

See what else they said here – LINK – Interesting that they would spend so much time and effort on this without concentrating their efforts on genuinely helping people and offering credible alternative to cuts to local services while at the same time cheerleading the Government cuts programme.

This is exactly what they seem to be doing in Brent. Alarming activity from the Lib Dems include Brent Liberal Democrat Councillors signing to call in decisions made by the executive and then not having the decency to turn up to the committee meeting to listen to answers when items are called in.

When I sat on the Council’s Forward Plan committee, this created a few embarrassing situations. On one occasion, the

Source: Bridgwater Labour blog

relevant executive member turned up to answer questions on a called in item, and no Lib Dem could ask a question to clarify their reason for calling the item in. Even more concerning was a called in item to committee which questioned the details of an equality impact assessment when one was still in the process of being produced.

While at the same time the Lib Dems are inflicting unprecedented cuts, at the local level, Lib Dems where not in power are fighting them to boost their own popularity and score brownie points with the electorate. Just as their leader Nick Clegg did before the election – saying all the right things in front of the TV cameras before betraying his Party’s stance on one of the main areas of Government policy; the economy.

2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: local Lib Dem tactics – “pick a cut and champion it”

  1. Oh come on Krupesh. You’re better than this. That article was published almost a month before your post and talked about the islington Lib Dems not the Brent ones.

    You’re right to draw attention to it, but I think you’re mis-representing the article slightly and in doing so making yourself/labour look bad. You don’t need to resort to tactics.

    In the case of libraries Paul Lorber has come out with relatively detailed plans even if they did take some time to materialise.

    I agree championing every cut out there is cheap, but we will not eliminate this punch and judy politics unless young fresh politicians like yourself take a stand rather than sinking to the same depths.

    1. I tend to write blogposts all at once so there is bound to be large time lapses when I use sources from other sites. As an active ward Councillor, I prioritise casework which tends to be higher for Councillors that represent more deprived parts of Brent.

      The point I sought to highlight with regards to Brent Lib Dem Councillors is apparent in the penultimate paragraph, where issues at Forward Plan involved a wide range of call-ins, and in the last where the Party inflicts a rapid cuts programme but opposes cuts locally. A month into being a Councillor, I found it ridiculous that items were being signed by Cllrs to be called in and noone knew why. This was especially strange when items were called in when decisions were not even made yet! I find it difficult to believe that anyone can justify this action.

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