Sarah Teather: The Deficit Deceiver

Anyone who believes like Sarah Teather does in the myth that Labour is to blame for the deficit and that spending under Labour was out of control should read this report here LINK.

The study from the well respected Institute for Public Policy Research dispels the rhetoric from Sarah Teather who is on record here (LINK) twisting the truth by saying the following:

“For years Labour spent more money than the country could afford.”

“It is absolutely vital that we pay back the massive deficit racked up by the last Labour Government”

Liberal Democrat and Brent Central MP Sarah Teather

This view is totally dispelled in the non-party political report which reveals the following:

“deficits widened and debt increased, though in 2007–08 they were smaller than in 1996–97”

“Current government spending was at the same level as in 1996–97 and a little less than government receipts, so the deficit on the current budget was smaller.”

“Spending on interest and social benefits fell; other current spending, particularly on health, education and policing, increased.”

“Charges that the Coalition are tackling ‘Labour’s debt’ and ‘Labour’s deficits’, or that Labour let spending run out of control before the recession, do not stack up. Deficits increased and debt soared during the recession, not before it.”

Institute for Public Policy Research


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