Brent Council sets legal budget

Last night, Brent Council along with four others (Bromley, Croydon, Newham and Camden) set legal budgets for the next financial year.

When people are inevitably hit hard by swingeing cuts that have to be made, our Labour instincts have shown through our commitment to continue funding for Youth Centres and keeping our 17 Children Centres and the Welsh Harp Education Centre open. These services directly benefit young people and vulnerable people – groups that have been unjustly hit with service reductions during the rolling back of the Welfare State by the Coalition Government.

In addition, Brent Council will continue to fund the Brent Law Centre, Brent Citizens Advice Bureau and the Brent Private Tenants Rights Group. The Lib Dem / Tory Coalition’s policies on social housing and housing benefits are likely to increase the caseload on these organisations and lead to more demand in the services that they provide. With Big Society money invisible to access at the moment when services are needed NOW, it is only right that funding for these organisations that help the most vulnerable; people in poverty and often homeless, or facing the threat of being homeless are protected.

The Brent Liberal Democrats and Brent Conservatives abstained from the amendments to the original budget that led to these services being saved.

More London Boroughs are due to set their Budgets tonight.


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