Party political motions

On Wednesday, the Tory / Liberals called an extraordinary meeting on Libraries in Brent. It was done in full knowledge knowing that it wouldn’t overturn the decision to close six on Monday evening. They put forward a motion which was voted down. I spoke out against the tone of the motions, designed to ensure Labour Councillors would not support it due to its sycophantic text in the name of the Lib Dems and Tories praising the investment in Libraries between 2006 and 2010 (The years they were in power).

I spoke out against their motion because, I think it is wrong to talk of all this investment in Libraries while the Liberal Tories were in power in Brent Council because that was while a Labour Government funded local government well and at this same time, their administration during these years also invested more money into Icelandic banks. The less said about that the better because we are still paying for it now and having to make more cuts because of the Lib Dem and Tories’  financial mismanagement.

However, at the Council Budget meeting, Labour Councillors did back a motion from the Liberal Democrat Group expressing support for the residents’ cause, campaigning to keep their local libraries open.


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