Government includes Equality Act 2010 as part of Red Tape Challenge

In a bid to cut red tape, the Government website to provide feedback on rules and regulations has included the Equality Act in its entirety – LINK

The page asks:

  • Should they be scrapped altogether?
  • Can they be merged with existing regulations?
  • Can we simplify them – or reduce the bureaucracy associated with them?
  • Have you got any ideas to make these regulations better?
  • Do you think they should be left as they are?

The whole point of the Equality Act was to simplify existing equality legislation. The comments overwhelmingly support for the Equality Act to be left well alone. It is a piece of legislation that we in this country can be proud of. But legislation alone does not create equality. The next step is for us as a nation to challenge negative perceptions of certain groups in society and promote positive attitudes to help eliminate discrimination.

I would be very surprised if the Equality Act was scrapped, but I can’t believe that the thought of scrapping it altogether was even suggested in the first place.


2 thoughts on “Government includes Equality Act 2010 as part of Red Tape Challenge

  1. Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the Govt

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