Coalition in denial about child poverty

Brent Labour is concerned about the impact of the Lib Dem and Conservative policies that are putting more people into poverty. The renowned Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has produced a report which says that the UK is seeing a big rise in poverty and that 600,000 more children will be pushed into poverty.

With one in three children living in poverty in Brent, Labour is concerned that the Coalition Government is making things worse for our future generations.

Lead member for Children and Families Cllr Mary Arnold said,

“Changes to tax credits for working families, reduction in childcare grants, increasing VAT, scrapping of Building Schools for the Future, fewer opportunities for apprenticeships than Labour proposed, slashing the Education Maintenance Allowance and the trebling of tuition fees is making it more difficult for the next generation to reach their aspirations.”

Leader of Brent Council, Cllr Ann John OBE said,

“It is not fair that that people are being affected in this way, when at the same time, the Government has refused to continue the Bankers Bonus Tax that was in place last year and could be used right now to help pay off the deficit. There is a fairer way to address this deficit; a Plan B, which the Government are not looking into.”


One thought on “Coalition in denial about child poverty

  1. Councillor Ellis has his own version of BC and AD nalmey BE and AE – Before Ellis and After Ellis. His messianic qualities are so profound that surely the County Council must re-date its calendar.Nothing before he arrived in his Cabinet post in June 2009 worked in social care and health – even though the same excellent managers are there. He implied that Health Scrutiny hadn’t worked before that time when he gave evidence to the Mid Staffs Inquiry (even though he had had very little to do with it). He likes to forget that he and his Tory and Lib Dem colleagues (they certainly don’t scrutinise any more at SCC so they must be colleagues) voted against the necessary changes to Social Care and Health services – and also, let’s not forget, he voted against the a319.1 million Labour invested in the service for our older people and disabled people. He’s not reopened a single care home and in fact he even closed one more recently!Respite charges for some service users has doubled as has the cost for meals on wheels, and social care services and they now charge for travel to day centres and so on. Joined up work with the Health Service and other bodies like the Fire Service were started under the Labour Administration and this has continued under the Coalition government.Governments need to grasp the nettle of the real cost of care for the elderly that gives them independence, dignity and security. All political parties must work for a consensus on this

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