Brent adoption service in the news

I woke up this morning to hear the London Borough of Brent mentioned on Radio 4 this morning on the Today programme. New data has revealed that Brent has poor adoption rates – LINK

I am disappointed with our slow adoption rates in Brent compared to other Councils; although there could be a valid explanation for this, which I am seeking.

It is generally an area that is ignored by local media. One of the most alarming things about the Council Budget papers passed in 2011 was the level of projected and actual overspend for children in care and yet coverage to my knowledge was zilch (the second area of overspend was Adult Social Care).

I have written to the Children and Families Department at Brent Council for an explanation as to whether there are valid reasons why our adoption rates are comparatively slow and if we can have a look at better performing Boroughs.


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