A clearer picture of Brent’s recycling rates

Active tipping area of an operating landfill i...
Thanks to Brent Labour, 41% less of Brent's rubbish end up like this under the new Brent recycling system (WikiImage)

Is Brent Labour the Greenest Party in Brent?

….. Yes

The bold decision to care about the environment and change the Brent waste collection strategy has seen some more incredible results in Brent’s recycling rate and an emphatic decrease in the amount of rubbish that is being squashed underground in landfill, damaging our mother earth.

The greatest gift that we can pass on to our next generation is our planet and the Labour Party is leading the way in Brent on green issues.

We now have a clearer picture of the how the new waste service has performed during its first month.

The October 2011 picture compared to September 2011 is as follows:


Dry Rate

Org rate

Combined Recycling Rate


6574 tonnes





3890 tonnes




Landfill waste is down by a staggering 41% !!!!!!!!! and the kerbside element of dry recycling shows a whopping 50% increase since we moved to the blue bin system. The new recycling system is yet to be rolled out to all flats in Brent.

Part of these reforms mean that 28,000 new properties in Brent that the Brent Liberal Tories have left out with any form of kerbside recycling will be able to recycle more easily.

Yes, there are teething problems at the moment with people adjusting to the new system and it would be naive to think that the system will work 100% perfectly for everyone within the first month. But once these have been ironed out, we hope that we can get closer to Brent Labour’s target of bringing our recycling rate up to 60%.



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