The November figures are now in and recycling rates are above predicted target levels

Brent residents recycled or composted 42% of the waste collected in November. The target for Brent Council for the first full year is 40%.

The data for the first 2 months of the new service is set out below. We are seeing a healthy drop in landfill tonnage and good performance from the new blue bin system. The combined recycling rate for October and November is 43% compared to 32% last year. This means that less taxpayer money is being used to dump rubbish than if the old waste collection system was still in place.




Rate %

Oct/Nov 2010 / tonnes





Oct/Nov 2011 / tonnes









The estates roll-out is well underway and due to be completed by the end of January. Most blocks of flats are now done.

The majority of residents have adjusted their patterns to conform efficiently to the waste collection system. However, it is true that some residents have not adjusted to the new system and there are properties with overflowing bins in the ward. Education blitzes have now started in problem streets.

I have been reporting problem households personally and the Recycling team have been speaking directly to many residents and the response has been helpful.


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