The Grange is a Grade 11 listed building located in Neasden. Brent’s former Grange Museum of Community History (better known as “the museumon the roundabout”) was based here until early 2005. It now houses the offices of ABi Associates Limited,one ofLondon’s leading business support companies, providing enterprise support and training to local businesses. The Grange also provides local organisations with an ideal venue to showcase their projects and programmes.

ABI ( is a reputable business support and training consulting company dedicated to empowering the entrepreneurial success of London’s small businesses and communities. Over the past five years it has helped over 200 individuals to start their own businesses and provided business support to retailers both on Willesden High St and Wembley High Rd.

The Grange has also established a gardening club in partnership with Brent’s Elders Voice. The club brings together local elderly people who have an interest in gardening and meeting other like minded people.

Over the past eighteen months the Grange has hosted international visitors from EU and other countries who are keen to learn more about community and enterprise developments inLondon. These visits has also given local people and business owners an opportunity to make new contacts internationally as well as learn about new ways to address youth unemployment, women entrepreneurship and regeneration of our town centres.

Finally, in January 2012 the Grange is establishing the Grange Business Hub which will provide affordable offices and training rooms space to rent for new and growing businesses in Brent.

For more information on what’s happening at the Grange please contact us on  0208 348 4550 or email

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