Extremely proud of a Dudden Hill resident

I am extremely proud of a Cobbold Road resident from Dudden Hill Ward who I recently spoke to on the doorstep recently.

I have been encouraging local residents to note down details of anyone they see dumping and to send these straight through to me. This morning, a resident texted me through number plate details for a vehicle who dumped rubbish. I will be following this up.

English: Cobbled Road Willesden NW10 Cobbold R...
Cobbold Road, Dudden Hill Ward, Image via Wikipedia

2 thoughts on “Extremely proud of a Dudden Hill resident

  1. I did that once. A bunch of tinkers dumped a lorry load in my car park. I sifted through it and found the shop from where it had come. They were renovating and had employed these scoundrels to take away the rubbish….I contacted the council but all they wanted to do was prosecute the shop owners for employing unregistered waste contractors. They wouldn’t go after the tinkers who dumped the crap on my doorstep….Were they too frightened to confront them like the police often are?…..The council were useless.

  2. On a different matter. I note that you haven’t mentioned the Willesden Library fiasco…..I am a local resident who wants to preserve our history so I want to see the old library building retained and a bigger open space out front. If a new library is needed then there is plenty of land toward the rear of the library that is there now. The carpark is a much needed resource in the area and really should be left as it is. The present library which is fairly new should be refurbished. We don’t need a “cultural” centre. We have that already plus a cinema which the council vandals plan to demolish and not replace…..Stop this unwanted development!

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