Guest Blogpost: Cllr George Crane on the regeneration of Willesden High Road

It was disappointing to see local MP Sarah Teather  “saddened” at the Council’s plans to regenerate Willesden High Road. The new Library and Cultural Centre will be a major Civic building in the southern part of Brent and a major boost to the regeneration of the area for business, shops and residents.

English: Post Office, Willesden High Rd

Both Willesden Bookshop and BIAS will be assisted by the Council to find alternative accommodation in the High Road, in one of the many empty shops. The Council has also approved a detailed interim delivery strategy for the Library, Museum and Archive during the rebuilding period.  The Customer contact point will be temporarily re located to the Job Centre in Harlesden a short bus ride away. Adequate study space is being planned at a number of locations in the vicinity. Local Liberal democrat Councillors are very supportive of the plans and see the potential long term benefits for the area.

What is of more interest is the deafening silence from Sarah Teather  at the devastating news that London Mayor Boris Johnson has rejected Brent’s bid for 1.6 million pounds to continue the regeneration work in Willesden. Last year the Council implemented a very successful project “New Windows on Willesden”. The rejected Brent bid was for this project to continue during 2012. I hope the Brent Central MP will join me and Navin Shah Brent London Assembly member in asking Boris Johnson to reconsider Brent’s bid.

Cllr George Crane is a Brent Labour Party Councillor for Fryent Ward. He is the Lead Member at Brent Council for Regeneration. Fryent Ward Councillors blog on

3 thoughts on “Guest Blogpost: Cllr George Crane on the regeneration of Willesden High Road

  1. Forget about Sarah Teather. She has turned out just like the rest of them when they get a taste for power and the hidden hand behind our parliament takes control of them.

    …It seems to me this whole regeneration nonsense has been sprung upon the public without any consultation. We don’t need a new library or “cultural centre” whatever that means! The library that is there now does a good job. Perhaps the place needs sprucing up a bit and someone with a bit of vision and get up and go put in as a manager. there is a bar there, a restaurant, a cinema, an art gallery, meeting rooms and a bookshop. What more do you want?

    Another thing and perhaps the most important……leave our little bit of history alone! Do not demolish the original library that stands outside. This quaint little building has survived two world wars and is now about to be flattened on the whim of three or four unknown, faceless councillors who think they know what is best for us..

    The planned new building looks awful and comes right up to the roadside leaving no room for a square or any kind of open space for people to sit in the sun or just to meet and gather for whatever reason. We need that open space. ……

    Also it is planned to build upon the car park at the rear taking away even more of the little parking space there is in Willesden.

    Stop, stop, STOP.

  2. Agree with the comments above. Don’t see how this new plan can be an improvement to the area. I’m also really hoping the Queensbury will be saved as losing this community pub will set the area back massively. Please support us in saving our neighbourhood from developers who only care about making profit!

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