Brent Labour’s Mikey Pavey triumphs with a sensational Barnhill by-election victory

Welcome to the London Borough of Brent Cllr Michael Pavey

Mikey Pavey has emphatically won the Barnhill by-election. He polled more than all of the other candidates put together in a ‘marginal’ ward. Turnout was 37%.


Party Votes Percentage
Martin Francis Green



Michael Pavey Labour



Kanta Pindoria Tory



Venilal Vaghela Independent




Michael will be an asset to the Council and has run a formidable grassroots doorstep campaign in Barnhill and inspired residents in the Ward to come out and support him. His approach, energy, passion, commitment is unrivalled in Brent election history and his victory is well deserved.

Up until the May 2010 local Brent Council elections, Barnhill Ward had three Tory Councillors. Mikey is helping to transform Barnhill into a Labour stronghold and will not be complacent in taking voter support for granted. I fully trust him to continue to do his utmost for Barnhill residents as people feel the pinch from the Tory Liberal approach to addressing the deficit.

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