EXCLUSIVE: Brent seeks occupier for Gladstone Park Pavillion Café

Brent is seeking an open market tender for the Leasing of the Café in the Gladstone Park Sports Pavilion off Anson Road.

The following points are promoted for a leaseholder to consider in the tender document:

  • “The Council would like to see a café operating from the Pavilion that will cater for the sports users of the pavilion and park, local residents and the users of the children’s playground.
  • The Council envisages that the café will sell popular inexpensive food, sandwiches, drinks and ice creams at affordable prices. The Council would like to see a menu that includes healthier food options to help address the increasing levels of obesity and to offer foods that reflect the diverse ethnic and cultural diversity of the Borough.
  • The Council would also like to see innovative ideas and proposals to make this café a focal point and attract more users to the park.
  • The café should operate at the times that the sports pitches are being utilised in order that spectators and sports participants will be able to make use of the facilities of the café and purchase the fare that it will offer, as well as at times when the sports facilities are not in use.
  • There is also the potential for the users of the Gladstone Youth and Community Centre to use the café facilities especially in the summer months. For example parents of children who use the nursery who then allow their children to play in the playground may buy refreshments from the café.”

The closing date of the tender is 15th June 2012.


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